Frequently Asked Questions

Dormitory applications can be made online. Application start and end dates are announced on the Sabancı University Website and on MySU.

All applications are made on

  1. New admissions from the Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM)
  2. Students with housing grants
  3. Students from outside Istanbul
  4. Students residing in Istanbul 1st Region (Silivri, Çatalca, Büyükçekmece, Arnavutköy, Esenyurt, Şile, Beylikdüzü)
  5. Students residing in Istanbul 2nd Region (Avcılar, Başakşehir, Küçükçekmece, Adalar)
  6. Students residing in Istanbul 3rd Region (Bağcılar, Bahçelievler, Esenler, Bakırköy, Sultangazi, Sarıyer, Güngören, Zeytinburnu, Beykoz, Ümraniye, Gaziosmanpaşa)
  7. Students residing in Istanbul 4th Region (Eyüp, Bayrampaşa, Fatih, Beyoğlu, Kağıthane, Çekmeköy, Şişli)
  8. Students residing in Istanbul 5th Region (Sancaktepe, Üsküdar, Maltepe, Sultanbeyli, Kartal, Pendik)
  9. Students residing in Istanbul 6th Region (Beşiktaş, Kadıköy, Ataşehir, Tuzla)

It is possible to choose a roommate in the dorm application system. In order for the system to assign you to the same room, the roommate you name on your application form should also name you as their chosen roommate in their own application form. Otherwise, the system will randomly assign roommates.

The suitable dates when room changes can be made are determined and announced to students by the housing officers. Changes can be made within these announced dates with the consent and knowledge of the housing officer and the students who will be swapping rooms. 

Yes, you can.

Students who have registered for the dormitory, but withdraw their registration and move out before October 10th have to pay 10% of the yearly housing fee as indicated in the Service Delivery Contract. Students who withdraw their registration and move out after October 10th pay for the months they resided in the dorms, the month they move out in full, and 30% of the remaining months left for housing. If students paid their housing fees in advance with their deposit, the fee they owe is deducted from that total payment they made, and the remaining amount is refunded within a month and the Service Delivery Contract is terminated. The monthly accommodation service fee is calculated by dividing the annual accommodation service fee, as indicated in the service delivery contract, by the total number of months of service determined. 

The same procedure applies to students who are expelled from the institution.

At the end of the academic year, the dormitory rooms must be vacated completely and the
dormitories unit must be informed by e-mail by the deadline determined by the dormitory

Students who have only registered for the fall semester but would like to extend their stay for the spring semester only need to pay for the second semester of their dorm stay. They do not need to make a new dorm application.

Students who do not pay their dorm fees lose their right to stay in the dormitory.

Dorm fees can only be paid for every semester or year.

Once the dorm room has been vacated and inspected for any damage, the housing officer will refund your deposit to your bank account. It is your responsibility to inform the housing officer of your bank account details for the transaction to be made.  

You can contact the Night Dormitory Responsinle to move into the dorms after business hours.

You can reach the Night Dormitory Responsibles at D2 Block, Office no: 1017 and call them from the following extension numbers: 9932-9935-9945

No deposit is paid by students with dormitory scholarship who have earned the right to dormitory.

No you don't have to completely vacate your room during the semester break.

As general cleaning takes place during the semester break, all personal belongings must be placed and locked in cupboards and caissons.  

At the end of the academic year, dorm rooms need to be completely vacated, the online Dormitory Leave Form needs to be filled and the relevant housing officer needs to be informed by the last date announced by the housing management.

If a student is assigned a room 1 month after the academic semester begins, a 1-month deduction will be made from the total semester fee.

Dorm payments need to be made by choosing 'Sabancı Üniversitesi 7000754 kodu (F325 fonksiyonu)' and “YURT ÖDEMESİ” options via Akbank branches or Akbank Direkt Internet. At the Akbank branches, when you give your student number (e.g. 00012345), name and surname, the fee you owe will come up on the screen and you will be requested to pay it in cash. The overdraft accounts opened to pay for the tuition instalments cannot be used to pay for dorm payments. An account different from the OKUL AILEM Account must be used to make dorm payments. Dorm payments should not be made into the OKUL AILEM account opened to pay school tuition fees.

Students with summer school, projects, and mandatory internship responsibilities and other similar responsibilities can apply to stay in the dorms during the summer semester.

An appropriate warning will first be given. Then, if any personal belongings have not been collected by the date indicated, they will be considered as waste. 

There are no curfews in place for entering or leaving the dorms.

No other person than the registered student can stay in the room assigned to them.

Guests without permission to stay the night must depart by the time the last shuttle leaves the campus. If guests fail to leave by this time, the situation is reported to the Disciplinary Committee.

Action will be taken in accordance to relevant article in the Student Housing Regulations (ISER-C910-01).  

Students suspended from school cannot be accommodated in student housing during their suspension.

The approval of the housing officer and Housing Management is required for holding meetings and other events.

Just bringing your personal toiletries should be enough (e.g. shampoo, soap, towels, toilet paper, detergent, etc.). Bed clothing (pillow, blanket, bed sheets, and mattress protector) are provided by the university.

You can call any extension number on campus with your phone. However, you cannot make any other kind of outgoing calls. You can receive incoming calls.

You can use the laundry machines at any time and free of charge.

You have to buy your laundry detergent for yourself.

Each dormitory hall has a kitchen on the ground floor.

Only one office-sized refrigerator unit is allowed in your room.

You may receive support on

You should contact your dormitory officer.

Trash is collected from rooms every day, and general cleaning is done twice a week.

If you open a ticket via SUticket, dormitory officers will assist you.

Nothing may be posted without first obtaining the approval of Dormitory Management.

We are aware of your love for pets  and your efforts to protect them on campus. We, as the dormitories unit, share the same feelings with you.

Please guide the cat outside when you see a cat inside the block and do not feed inside the block. 

Transportation provided by Gürsel shuttles and by municipality-run buses is available to the city center at certain hours.