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Dear Students,

Online dormitory applications can be made on

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When and how can I make housing applications?

Applications are made online. Registration start and end dates are announced on the intraweb and the public website. Application link :

  • What are the priority rules in room assignment?

a. New admissions from the Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) (undergraduate)
b. Students receiving housing grants (undergraduate-graduate)
c. Students from outside Istanbul (graduate assistants-undergraduate-graduate)
d. Students residing in the European side
e. Students residing in far neighborhoods of the Anatolian side
f. Students residing in close neighborhoods of the Anatolian side

  • Can I choose my roommate when applying?

You may be assigned to a room with a friend if both of you select each other.

  • How can I change rooms?

Rooms may be changed between the dates announced by housing officers with the approval of the housing officers and the student with whom you will be changing rooms.

  • Can I separate from housing facilities during the semester? Will the fee be refunded?

You may move out of your assigned room.

a) Students who wish to separate within 15 days of the course beginning date indicated in the academic calendar are refunded 75% of the housing fee.

b) Students who wish to separate within 30 days of the course beginning date indicated in the academic calendar are refunded 50% of the housing fee.

c) No housing fee will be refunded after 30 days.

  • Do I have to do anything before I vacate my room at the end of the fall semester?

Students who wish to vacate their rooms must collect and remove all personal belongings and turn over room, locker and mailbox keys to Housing Officers at their offices.

  • Do I still need to reapply for the spring semester if I'm not vacating my room at the end of the fall semester?

Students need not apply separately for the spring semester if they have been assigned a room for the fall semester.

  • What are the consequences of failing to pay housing fees?  

The room assignment of the student will be cancelled.

  • Can I pay housing fees monthly?

Housing fees are paid in full for the entire semester.

  • Will I be refunded the deposit fee I have paid?

Once the room is vacated and damage, if any, is assessed, you may request the refund of your deposit fee by providing your bank details to the housing officer.

  • Can I move in to my room even if I don't have the payment receipt with me?

You cannot move in before you submit the receipt to your housing officer.

  • Can I move in after business hours? Who can assist me and how can I reach them?

You may move in after business hours with the assistance of the Housing Support Team. The team's offices are located in Hall B1, Room G042, and may be reached at extensions 9932, 9935 and 9945.

  • Do I still need to pay a deposit fee even when I'm on a housing grant?

Grant students will also be required to pay a one-time deposit fee.

  • Do I have to vacate my room during the semester break?

No, but since detailed cleaning will take place during the break, please secure your locker and drawers.

  • Do I have to vacate my room at the end of the year?

At the end of the year, you must completely vacate your room by the deadline announced by housing management, and turn your key over to the housing officer.

  • Do I still have to pay the full semester's fee even though I was assigned a room one month after the semester started?

One month's housing fee will be subtracted from the amount you will be required to pay.

  • How can I pay the housing fee?

You must pay the housing fee to any Akbank branch using client number "815" on the Subscription Collection System - ATS (Abone Tahsilat Sistemi). Simply provide your student number (e.g. 00012345) to an Akbank branch, which will then be used to retrieve the amount you are required to pay in immediately available funds.   Please note that drawing accounts opened to pay tuition fees in installments cannot be used to pay housing fees.

  • Do I have to renew my medical report every year? Who do I submit the medical report to?

Your medical report needs to be renewed every year and submitted to the Health Center by the deadline announced by the management. You must then give the proof of submission issued by the Health Center to your housing officer when moving in.

  • Under what circumstances may I stay in housing facilities during the summer?

Students attending summer schools, completing projects or doing internships may apply for summer housing.

  • What happens if I leave my room without completing exit procedures?

You will be given a notice, after which any items you may have left behind will be discarded, and if you fail to pay the key replacement fee, you will be put on hold.

  • Can my roommate turn my key in after I leave the room?

Provided that the room is completely vacated, someone else may turn your key in to the housing officer until the deadline announced by housing management.

  • Are there curfews in place?

There are no curfews.

  • Is there a medical facility on campus where I may seek treatment?

The Health Center is in Hall D2.

  • Can I accommodate guests in my room?

Provided that housing officers are informed and their approval is obtained, students may accommodate guests overnight two times every semester. 

Accommodation of guests is not a right, but a privilege by procedure.

  • Can my parents stay over?

First-degree relatives (mother and father) may be accommodated in guest rooms for a daily fee.

(Depending on room availability.)

  • When must guests leave at the latest? What happens if a guest does not leave in time?

Guests who have not been approved to stay overnight must leave the campus by the departure time of the last shuttle. Failure to do so will be reported to the Residence Committee.

  • What are the consequences of violating housing rules?

Students who violate rules will be subject to corrective action outlined in the Housing Policy.

  • Does suspension from school affect my housing rights?

Suspended students may not stay in housing facilities during suspension.

  • May I hold a meeting or another event in the common areas of the hall?

The approval of the housing officer and Housing Management is required for holding meetings and other events.

  • What should I bring when moving in?

You only need personal toiletries (shampoo, soap, towels, toilet paper, detergents) when moving in. Rooms are equipped with bedding (pillows, comforters, sheets and mattress covers).

  • Can I make and receive calls on the phone in my room?

Outgoing calls from room telephones are open to campus extensions only, and outside numbers cannot be dialled. You can receive incoming calls.

  • How can I use laundry machines?

Laundry machines are free of charge and open to use at all times.

  • Are there kitchen facilities available?

All dormitory halls have kitchens on the ground floor.

  • Can I have a refrigerator in my room?

You are allowed to have one office-sized refrigerator unit in your room.

  • What can I do to resolve electronic or technical issues in my room?

You may receive support by calling the Call Center at 9988.

  • Who should I call if there is a problem with my room?

Your housing officer should be able to help.

  • What cleaning services are available?

Trash is collected from rooms every day, and general cleaning is done twice every week.

  • What should I do if I lose my room key?

Please notify your housing officer immediately, pay the replacement fee determined by the management, and have your room lock changed.

  • Can I hang posters, announcements, bills, pictures etc. on bulletin boards?

Nothing may be posted without the approval of Housing Management.

  • Can I keep a pet in my room?

You are not allowed to keep or feed pets in rooms or halls.

  • Is there any transportation to the city center? How can I use it?

Transportation is available to the city center. City buses and the Gürsel bus company shuttles operate on a daily schedule.